the Seville diaries. day 5.

Five days’ into my Spanish course and I must tell you that my lessons are absolutely super! My morning classes with Raquel and the group are intensive, interesting and fun. My favourite part of the class is the conversation. It’s incredible how much I have absorbed in only five days. I just wish I could study every day rather than have to return to work!

The rain has finally buggered off and the sun was beaming through the clouds this afternoon. I think we are in for a warm and bright weekend. I sound like a weather lady!! This afternoon I decided to walk from the Giralda Cathedral to Alameda De Hercules.

The Alameda de Hércules (Hercules mall), or simply La Alameda, is a garden square or mall in Seville, southern Spain. Built in 1574, it was originally a promenaded public garden, named after the eight rows of white poplars trees (álamos in Spanish) that fill its central part. Located in the north half of the city’s historic center, between the Guadalquivir River and the Macarena neighbourhood, it is the oldest public garden in Spain and Europe. – excerpt from Wikipedia :p

I had a lovely afternoon and the city was buzzing. I took some vino and tapas in Dos De Mayo – this place was a total find! Off the beaten track of tourists I happened across Dos De Mayo walking back from the Alameda. The waiters were so accommodating when they saw I was dining alone. They put me right next to the bar and helped me choose my tapas. I had the Calamares a la plancha and the Tortilla con chorizo both of which totally blew my mind. If you are ever in Seville then this is the place for authentic tapas where the locals eat.

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Count the number of times I say “Ummm” and if you guess correctly. I will send you a prize from Seville. 😉

Ummm…see you tomorrow!


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