Welcome Bodhi

Tonight we welcomed our darling sun child into this world. Our son Bodhi was born at 22.13 weighing 7.45lbs and measuring 51cm.

**the below is the start of a series of letters I am writing for Bodhi, these are dated on the actual days/milestones they were intended for but written much later.**


Barcelona, 19th August 2017

Darling Bodhi,

We only had to wait 40 weeks for you to arrive, something tells me you are going to be very punctual just like your Dad. Although you didn’t make your arrival easy, it seems you were unsure for a few hours, but we finally heard your strong voice at 22.13 and our hearts doubled in size. You were born via c-section, it wasn’t planned. My waters had been broken too long and you did not budge so we had to get you out this way. You are very tall and have blue eyes! We wonder if your eyes will change to brown like ours?

You are having some trouble with your breathing so the Doctors and Nurses have popped you into a comfy little incubator while it all levels out. Apparently it’s quite normal with c-section babies. But I am dying to have you in my arms! I have had to go to my room to recover from the c-section but I promise I will be with you in the morning to get all those cuddles in and start feeding you my precious colostrum which I know will make you even stronger than you are now. For now your Dad is spending precious moments with his skin on yours, he has taken a million pictures too! Just so you know we are here and will do everything in our combined power to keep you safe for your whole life.

I cannot wait to see you in the morning my precious boy!

Mummy x

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