the Seville diaries. day 6

Finally the sun came out to play today. We visited the Giralda Cathedral which is just immense, ornate, overwhelming and beautiful. The building itself is incredibly impressive but it made me sad to see so many people in tour groups with selfie sticks, climbing over the pews, shouting and just being gross. I have never been one to check off places on a list during my travels. I prefer to experience travel from a different perspective so it took a lot for me to even pay to go in there today. I really wanted to see it but it left me empty and little sad.

After class I left my group of friends from my Spanish class to do some more exploring solo. It’s been amazing to just be alone with my thoughts and not rushing to anyone elses schedule. While pondering what I was going to do for the rest of the afternoon one of those sightseeing tour buses pulled up next to me. Hazaar! I love these things. I usually buy a ticket and sit up on the rooftop and just ride it around the city. It was a good idea because it took me past Plaza Espana where I jumped off after my second trip on the route.

Now…Plaza Espana is amazing. Go there. Try and go early morning or late afternoon. The entire plaza is a feast for the eyes and the little tiled seating areas are gorgeous.

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See you tomorrow!


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