Hi and welcome to my blog.

My name is Charlotte (aka Lottie) and I have this incessant need to share.

This blog started back in 2012 when I packed up my life and followed my then boyfriend (now husband) to Barcelona. It was my place to share my new world and beginning with friends and family. Then we moved to Brussels at the end of 2012 and then back to England at the end of 2013. Then we got married and decided to give Barcelona another try. A bit like our life for that period this blog became a bit start/stop.

We are now back in Surrey, England after having our beautiful son in 2017 we decided it was time to stop moving and stay firmly still.

This blog has become my brain dump of life…what forms my post take and how often things get posted depend on how I am feeling. If you have been here since the beginning or whether you have stumbled upon it today…

Stick around, I have a feeling we are going to get along!


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