totally indulgent hot chocolate recipe video

It’s been a rough week folks. The nights are darker, the days are colder and for some of us the news of the new US president is a little too much to handle. Don’t reach for the booze just yet…it’s a long winter. After this week the best I can offer is some tlc with a cosy cup of hot cacao.

Raw cacao powder (not to be confused with the commercial drinking chocolate packed full of sugar) is a powerful superfood, packed full of antioxidants that help improve your energy, elevate your bliss levels, boost your immunity.

My recipe below cuts out dairy which studies show actually block the absorption of the antioxidants it contains. So instead of turning to our faithful moo cow milk, I am swapping in coconut milk to help preserve the properties of the raw cacao.PLUS it tastes amazing too!

Sweetened with only honey and flavored with a little cinnamon this cup of glorious-ness will leave you feeling like you are being hugged from within. Let’s face it guys, we all need a little love at the moment.

Give it a try. Instructions are in the video below.

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Lottie x

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