Where to buy Organic in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city, full of multi-culture and foodie havens. It has taken some years but the organic, health and free-from market is finally taking off with many options to buy organic from some independent stores.

It still isn’t as big here as it is in the UK , USA and Australia but the independent restaurants and stores are helping to blaze a trail, giving Barcelona (in my opinion) status of one of the best cities in Spain to find diverse produce. By that I mean not just traditional Spanish fair.

Without further a do. Here are my two favourite places to shop organic in Barcelona.

Organic Market

blog 4.jpg

This is my favourite organic market by far. The store is really nicely laid out and they have a great range of brands and products. From raw honey to cacao to organic meat and vegetables, this place is in my opinion the best in the city. The staff are super nice too and the prices are pretty reasonable.



Veritas is a chain of organic health food stores across Barcelona. They stock a great selection and in the bigger stores you will find more select items than you can in the smaller stores. They also have great offers, loyalty discounts and more. They also sell online and deliver to your home. Convenient!

If you would like to see my Organic Market Haul video then click here to peep inside my shopping bag!


Lottie x

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