modern bohemian beach side home details

We have now been beach side in Castelldefels, Barcelona for nearly three years and are impossibly in love with our little apartment. Whenever we get some spare cash we are always looking to add more plants, pictures, interesting furniture and nik-naks to our collection.

Our friends and family who visit always remark on how chilled the vibe is and this pleases us a lot. We want people to feel at home in our space, to feel like they can put their feet up and enjoy it with us. I think the fact that we are right on the beach has helped inspire the style – an amalgamation of 70’s architecture of the building itself, some crazy floor tiles and the little additions we have added gives this place a modern 70’s look and feel with a few quirks thrown in for good measure!.


The yellow chair is from Ikea and really adds a pop of colour to our living room. The wall hanging is from design company Deny Designs. I really love their stuff!


We are plant obsessed and add to our collection almost monthly. These two new additions sit in our hallway where I have teamed them with my favourite photos in black Ikea frames. I recently bought this gorgeous little table to add a different level and draw the eye up toward the photographs.


My sister bought this jolly little stone Buddha for me years ago. This guy has traveled all over Europe and now resides on our balcony watching the sea. I could never part with him as quirky as he is!


We bought then..ahem..fake bamboo trees from a local garden supplier. They give us loads of privacy on our balcony and live forever too!


A stunning original drawing of our dog Otto Von Dean. Drawn by the fair hands of Henley based artist Tasmin Pyper.


When Dan and I took the plunge to give living in Barcelona another go. We decided straight away that this time around we will approach it differently. I will tell you all about this process some other day, as it really is quite inspiring (even to us) on how we made the decision to move abroad and how we want to live our life. If you would like me to do a post on that then let me know in the comments!


Lottie x

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