street art Barcelona


Love it or hate it, graffiti and street art is here to stay. Art is the most unique way to express yourself and here in Barcelona inspiration is pasted, painted and sprayed on walls in every district. One of the most wonderful things about this bohemian city is that you can spend your days meandering through its story filled streets and view art that requires no entry ticket.

Here is my collection of photographs of some of my favourite street art pieces in Barcelona. The districts of the city where this artwork features are El Borne, Gotico and Poblenou.



An eerie figure emerges from the top of this balcony and keeps her eye on street below.


This street artist above BL2A is one of my favourite’s in Barcelona. The tiles are pasted in many places around the city and are so beautiful. I always keep my eye open for his/her work when I am out and about. Check out their work on Instagram BL2A.


If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, my advice would be to skip the art galleries and hit the streets to fill your eyes and mind with the street art of the Bohemians.


Lottie x

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