the Seville diaries. day 3

Rain, rain, rain. The weather has Sevillian’s and tourists baffled. But that did not stop me finding gaps in the downpour to bring you this short video that follows my walk across the Puente De San Telmo with views across the Canal Alfonso XIII over to the Torre Del Oro. I stopped on the bank side to update you on my dinner (of course) and then slowly meandered toward the barrio of Santa Cruz which is where the famous Alcazar is. I will be visiting the Alcazar later on my trip when the rain clears up. Fingers crossed for some sun!

Due to rain, and overload on tapas this week. Last night I sought out simple satisfaction in the form of…pizza! Gasp! In Seville?! Well…I visited La Bambina on Calle Virgen De Regla in the barrio of Los Remedios. The Chef welcomed me into his tiny restaurant, sat me down and told me about his pizzas. Each one made by him, in front of you! He has no waiters, just him in his kitchen and he is so proud of his work. You can tell. The pizza was delicious, the restaurant was full of happy diners bar one hangry lady (not me for once). You should check it out if you fancy a night off of the amazing tapas the city has to offer.The night air was fresh and the light over the canal was pure perfection. The streets became quieter as I headed toward Santa Cruz.

I plotted my walk from the pizza restaurant to Avenida Roma on Google Maps. Feel free to view it here if you are planning a trip!

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See you tomorrow


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