the seville diaries. day 2

9th May 2016.

Torrential rain. Inside out umbrellas. First day of class. Exploring the city and meeting cool people. Yesterday started out a nightmare but ended a dream…

My 3 takeaways from day 2 in Seville

Visit Le Secret De Carmen and meet the shops owner and curator Manolo who will share  the fascinating story behind his beautiful shop and if you are lucky he will also tell you about the most secret, yet most beautiful places to visit in the city!

Drink Sherry chilled and in a tall glass. It’s the drink of choice for many Sevillian’s and a fine choice it is. Apparently Nan’s around the world have been in on the secret for years. I enjoyed a glass with a spot of tapas after class.

Walk until you get lost. Literally! I was meant to meet my friends from class at 5pm at a Plaza close to the school. I got so lost (standard) that I missed the meeting time. Instead I meandered through the winding streets, kicking my heels and stumbling across little shops and alleys in the early evening sunshine! Perfection.

Grab a cuppa and hear all about my day, featuring a special guest!

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