perdee inna?

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Once again I have been slightly displaced and have not been in the frame of mind to keep up my beloved blogging. As summer draws to a close and we all get our minds and bodies prepared for the winter winds, I thought I would share some pictures from mine and Dan’s summer this year. Due to the wedding we had to venture closer to home for our holiday but we certainly did not feel hard done by.

The title of this post related to the pictures; ‘perdee inna?’ is Cornish for ‘pretty isn’t it?’

Devon and Cornwall are absolutely beautiful places to vacay to! Dan and I loved every minute and also had the opportunity to see some dear friends in the process. Since I have know Dan, I have been told of his childhood spent in the tiny fishing village of Mevagissey on the Cornish coast. He decided we would stay a couple of nights in this charming little village and chose a stunning hotel on Polkirt Hill overlooking the sea called the Mevagissey Bay Hotel.

On our first night in Mevagissey we ate at a charming little restaurant called Roovrays which specialised in Seafood and boy did they live up to their reputation. Dan and I both had a type of stew which contained a trip of local Cornish fish with mushrooms, prawns, white wine, cream and shellfish.

We ate, we drank and we were very merry! Pictures are from Mevagissey, Gorran Haven.

Besos x

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