back in blighty!

Blog May 2013

What a year it has been for Dan and I. I am now back in the UK, back to the “love shack” (for those of you who don’t know what the “love shack” is – I will write a post dedicated to it) and back to reality with a bang.

This blog has to carry on – I love writing down my observations, thoughts and fashion spots! So I am going to carry on regardless, with lots of new material to keep you all happy at your desks or wherever you may be.

Barcelona brought me to this blog and I absolutely have loved the year I have had – missing the experiences but so pleased to be back with my family and friends in England. Those who are close to me have heard this rant – but there really is no place like home. It drives you to distraction when you are here but the nicest feeling in the world is being able to be understood! Moving away, living in BCN and Brussels has given me empathy towards people who live in a different country, who cannot speak the language – how brave they all are for trying to get by everyday not being understood.

On that note, I am glad to be back (I already said that) and ready to document the very interesting (not) twists and turns in my life! There will be wedding inspired stuff, fashion, restaurants and general amazing things I want to share with you lovely lot.

Speak soon!

Lottie x


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