tie-dyed dreams…




Last week I decided it was high time I hit the shops and bought some new pieces to update my wardrobe which was starting to look a little dull and old. I keep a lot of my clothes and if you know me, you know I love my dresses! So, while on my trip last week I didnt hesitate in buying lots of lovely dresses in the sales.

My favourite item I bought was this gorgeous blue tie dye dress from Mango. I picked it off the rail because of its gorgeous colour and as soon as I tried it on I instantly wanted it. Living in Barcelona in this crazy heat I prefer to wear light summer dresses that also have a pop of personality. This dress is so versatile and I can wear it to the beach, the office or on a night out.

I was also very spoilt this weekend by my lovely friends Alison and Lucinda who surprised me with a gorgeous peach tye-die vest from Natura. They caught me checking it out while we were in the store and bought it. I LOVE it! Thanks chicas I cannot wait to wear this in Ibiza.


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