la boqueria



When my friend Derona visited she didnt really have a desire to visit many of the sites Barcelona had to offer. She wanted to sample Barcelona through a locals eyes and to be honest that suited me perfectly.

She did have a small list of must see’s which were definitely top picks in my book. After a lovely morning of walking, coffee and Sagrada Familia I decided to add an extra “must see” visit to the list.

La Boqueria on Las Ramblas is a real treat and total feast for the eyes! Now, I am not a great fan of the over exploited Las Ramblas, mainly because it is the pit stop for every tourist who gets off the flipping plane. But I forgot how magical La Boqueria is with its amazing range of fresh produce. The smells and colours are an absolute delight and for anyone who likes to take photographs then this incredible market is full of inspiration.

As Derona will admit she loves to take photographs, stopping every five minutes to take a great shot. Even I succumbed and withdrew my iPhone to snap some cool shots with Instagram.

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x

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