months later

ImageImageImageI know its been a while and a good friend this weekend mentioned that I should pick this up again. In truth I have missed jotting down my thoughts and photo’s and it is nice to be able to return to my blog with some new material.

Thanks for being patient and I am hoping to update once a week until I start to get a regular flow of thought again.

While I have been away I have had two different jobs, lots of visitors and very busy days. Like I said before it is difficult scheduling my life around work again and that is why the blog has suffered. But it is nice to have a routine and know that I finally feel settled in Barcelona.

Here are a selection of pictures I have taken while I have been absent. My friend Derona also introduced me to an amazing online photo editor called PicMonkey – take a look at some of my creations.

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x

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