radio silence

Hi everyone. I do apologise for not posting lately – unfortunately all those annoying things like getting a job and earning some money have gotten in the way.

So where have I been? Well I managed to secure a little 9-5 work the day my bank balance read £0.00! While trying to settle back into a routine I have been missing a lot of the little things I did when I didn’t have to fit my life into such a stiff schedule. But it’s cool, the evenings are lighter and I am starting to take advantage of the amazing beach on my door step!

I have loads to write about and have been gathering some new material. Including some great pictures from my friend Diana’s visit last week. My sewing machine is also arriving next week via ferry c/o Dan’s wonderful Mum and Dad and I cannot wait to start sewing some summer dresses. More on this to follow.

Hasta Luego Chica’s!


Charlie xxx

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