yoga in the park

Ahh what a blissful weekend. I am getting so excited because it is slowly getting warmer and soon I wont need to think about layers and I can start wearing dresses and playsuits again. I love my playsuits! But this means I also need to start shaping up for a Barcelona summer…

So, yesterday Dan and I attended a Yoga session in Parc de la Ciutadella. It was awesome! Dan had never tried Yoga before but it turned out he was really good, I havent done a Yoga class in nearly a year so I struggled a bit but the session left me on cloud 9! Thanks to our super teacher Ashley who really took us through our paces.

We are also thinking about taking up Stand Up Paddle – seeing as we live on the beach we do need to start utilising our back yard. So that is our plan for next Saturday. I shall let you know how it goes…

Hasta Luego!

charlie xx



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