nostalgic moment

On Saturday while waiting at the waterfront for Kim and her friends to meet me. I leisurely perused the Antique stalls lined up along the marina. This is one thing I love about Barcelona, dotted all over the city are markets like this that sell antiques and car boot shizzle.

Whatever they have on offer I love looking at all the old items. I was feeling particularly melancholy while standing in the gorgeous sunshine on Saturday as I flipped through old vintage photographs and rummaged through old watches and time pieces. I think it was because all these things once belonged to a vibrant era, someone once bought these things new and were proud to have them.

I had a complete nostalgia shock when I happened across an eighties silver watch with a Mickey Mouse face – I can’t put my finger on it, but I am sure I used to have a watch just like it or one of my friends or cousins did… It made me think back to my childhood when everything new was precious and you didn’t take things for granted!

Hasta Luego!

charlie x

P.S The last photo is of me and just a few of my cousins! This is where “the watch” took me back to. Just in case you wondering…

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