dresses are a girls best friend!

Last week whilst exploring  barrio Gotico (again) I happened across this gem of a store on Banys Nous  called L’Arca de L’Avia. I stepped into this sumptuous store and could not contain my excitement. In front of me was a treasure trove. Rows of vintage designer dresses and antique costumes filled every corner. Shoes, hats and bags all arranged as if you were in the dressing room of Marilyn Monroe or backstage at Folies Bergere. This kind of place makes you feel like you are living the era.

The best part of the store was at the back. As I walked through my new mecca, staring agog at the trinkets and treasures, I stumbled across a complete room dedicated to vintage and period wedding gowns! A vintage wedding dress atelier, high rails were adorned with soft ivory lace gowns and archived accessories – I actually wanted to cry! Now not all of you will know, but I have always dreamed of owning my own wedding dress shop one day. I was even thinking of doing a course in wedding dress design but have never followed through with any of this…maybe one day I will pluck up the courage to pick up my fabric shears again.

Anyway I digress. I spoke to the lady who works there and she told me the store had been in the area for 35 years. Originally specialising in lace and home furnishing and only recently had the owner decided to focus on vintage and period clothing. One piece that particularly took my breath away was an original Christian Dior circa 1960 silk dupion coat and matching dress in dusky pink. ***sigh***

This  is by far one of my greatest finds in Barcelona. I am dying for a reason to go in and buy one of those dresses. Wedding or Tea Dress…I dont mind really.

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x

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