love is a many splendid thing

I was due to meet my friend at this little tea shop called Caj Chai in Gotico yesterday to start our knitting project. Armed with my trusty map I walked through ancient tiny alleyway’s wondering where on earth this place was. As I started getting closer to the Cathedral I spotted Caj Chai, nestled in the wall of an ancient building.

This place is a jewel, as I walked in, soft lighting and the fragrant smell of different teas wafted to greet me. The whole place is a mish mash of  furniture, from soft armchairs to old wicker garden furniture. I was entranced and dived right in and ordered a cup of “Feel the love” an amazing White tea with Rose and Jasmine in it. I thought I would order something in keeping with Valentines day.

Unfortunately my friend couldn’t make it in the end. So I decided to stay and read my book enveloped in the amazing taste and smell of my tea, in the loveliest little tea house in Barcelona.

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x



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