feeling crafty

Yesterday before I went to my Spanish class I met up with my friend Rebecca in Gracia, who took me to this amazing knitting shop on Torrent de l’Olla called Ifil.

I have been meaning to start a craft project (I have a lot of time on my hands) and the last time I used a pair of knitting needles was my first year at London College of Fashion. Rebecca was thinking along the same lines so we took a little trip to Ifil to check what it was all about!

This shop is absolutely gorgeous and the yarns they sell are of the best quality I have seen in a while. The best part is the way they have laid out the store. You navigate your way around by first picking your project which is featured on a little card that tells you the level of the project and how long it takes to make. I have chosen to make these super cute slippers! Finally you choose the colour yarn you want to use and at the till you get a print out of the pattern to take home.

They also run little workshops in the afternoon where they teach you how to get started on your masterpieces! Rebecca has roped in one of her friends to meet us at a tea house today and teach us some of the basics.

I shall let you know how it goes.

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x

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