laundry day dilemma

I thought I might share with you some picture’s of the peg epidemic happening on my washing line. This is going to sound like a ridiculous statement…but hanging out the laundry has never been such an ordeal. When hanging out my washing from my fourth floor apartment, with a line that hangs over the street, I get this terrible paranoia that my smalls are going to be blown all over Barceloneta. The worst part about this paranoid daydream is that I would then have to try to retrieve said items from the bars and cafe’s below! *blush*

It’s amazing this irrational OCD I have…I look across at the other apartments and compare my laundry hanging to theirs. My neighbours laundry hangs happily, secured on the lines with a neat little peg holding each corner of their sheets or the crotch of their underwear. I feel silly standing their for ages adding/removing the thirty pegs from my one bed sheet. Sheesh!

I think to myself ‘Charlotte, you are using way to many pegs, the neighbours are going to laugh at you!’ – but I cannot bring myself to peg minimally.

I. Need. Help.

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x



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