afternoon snapshots

I had a really great day yesterday, because I decided to get away from my computer and walk around the city for the afternoon. I seriously must have covered about 8 miles just walking and taking pictures.

I took the Metro up to Universitat as I had a couple of errands up that way. But once finished I pulled out my trusty map and walked through El Raval’s gorgeous atmospheric streets and alleys. Peeking into vintage clothes shops along the way. I found a to-die-for black coat that I refrained from buying as it will start getting warmer in the next month.

On my travels I also found the cutest little take-away cupcake shop, aptly named Cup & Cake. The cupcakes are particularly girly, with pretty little touches that make women swoon! The lady working there was really helpful and she let me take some snaps. If anyone is ever in Barcelona I seriously reccomend checking this place out!

As I made my way home down La Rambla and across to Barceloneta, the sun was shining and everything was right in my world. I snapped away and caught some really nice pics in the afternoon sunshine…

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x

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