a few of my favourite things

I was being totally lethargic one Sunday before I left the UK. Instead of packing I was lolling on the sofa in the shed, flicking through the channels aimlessly. To my surprise I was pleased to see that The Sound Of Music was on. Well that was my day sorted! I love that Maria makes the Von Trap kids wear lederhosen made out of curtain fabric – that part always makes me laugh at how prissy they all are. If my au pair tried to dress me like that I would have kicked off.

Anyway I digress. The reason I am thinking about that movie today is because sometimes I like to think of my favourite things too. I have put together some photo’s of a few of my favourite things that make me smile everyday. Dont worry, I am not feeling sad. But it’s nice to have pretty things to make you feel brighter. Don’t you think?

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x

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