little Barcelona

I thought I might share with you some photo’s I have taken of my neighbourhood in Barceloneta. Dan and I chose to live here against the advice of a lot of friends already living in the city. A lot of people love Barceloneta but they wouldn’t live here. This is because the apartments are small and there are no lifts in a lot of the old fashioned buildings.

The inner bohemian in me chose not to listen (I do this a lot) and I am so pleased we chose this romantic barrio. Our 3rd floor apartment is small but the perfect size for two people who previously were used to living in a shed at the end of my parents garden. There is no lift and I have to climb 67 very narrow steps up each time I come back from an errand. This is a good thing. Kim Kardashian and her butt would kill for this kind of exercise!

The best part is the 30 metre walk to the beach and the smell of the sea air that rushes in through our living room windows every morning and makes me feel nostalgic for my Durban childhood.

Have a beautiful day people.

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x



  1. Marissa Ayres

    Charlie!!! I love love love this! I can just hear you saying everything as I read it! Will def keep reading & may even copy your idea & start a blog myself (hope u dont mind)…tho obv wont be as good. When ur ready, let me know when you fancy hopping on the ferry to see us xxx hope all is going well. Big kisses to you both xxxx


    1. the girl with the red satchel

      Thanks so much Marissa, I am so glad you are enjoying it. You should totally start a blog, you have loads to write about your new island living. Dan and I will be in Ibiza in August so we need to def make plan then. But maybe a cheeky weekend before would be good. Lots of love xxx


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