el mercado

Last night Dan and I wrote down a list of phrases that I will need when doing the weekly food shop because I havent been very confident going to the market by myself. It is a total shame because Barceloneta has the most amazing fresh food market and I have been avoiding shopping there because my Spanish isn’t up to scratch.

I woke up this morning with one mission in mind. Conquer the market! I dressed, made a cup of tea, ate a bowl of corn flakes then made my way down the street in the sunshine to the market. Notebook in hand, my heart was pounding! What if I was laughed out the market by the stall holders?

On the contrary, it was brilliant! The man on the fruit and veg stand applauded my attempts and I came away with exactly what I needed. The chicken man was helpful and the pork lady knew a little English and coaxed me along in my ordering. The result is a fridge full of delicious fresh food I cant wait to start eating.

He who dare’s wins, I suppose.

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x

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