baby it’s cold outside

When I was packing for my new life in Barcelona, I was a little naive to what I should expect from the weather. In my head it was skinny jeans with pumps, cardigans and wayfarers. Boy, was I wrong! I told you my head is full of whimsical ideas sometimes. Anyway its cold (as it should be) not as cold as the UK I admit ( I promise I am not moaning) but I just was not prepared at all for this type of cold in a Mediterranean city!

The key word here is preparation, I stupidly did not prepare for the weather in Barcelona. I did pack a rather gorgeous wool poncho though. It’s quite funny but on the night before my impending departure I happily weighed my 2 bags to find that each weighed around the 30kg mark. I only had 32kg to play with in total. I called in back up…my Mother. Who skillfully and ruthlessly removed nearly 30kg worth of e-bay vintage dresses, an array of ridiculous platforms, sandals and espadrilles (yes I said espadrilles!) and other forms of clothing that I definitely will not need in my first few months in BCN. Can you imagine if that lot made it over?! I would be fabulous but very, very cold! Don’t worry, I am having the clothes brought over by various friends and family members in time for the summer.

To cope, I did what any practical female does in my situation, I went to H&M and kitted myself out with a new winter wardrobe. My favorite item being this gorgeous trench coat that was an absolute bargain! Thought I should share.

Every cloud and all that…

Hasta Luego!

Charlie x

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