brave new world…

So, after many years of umming and ahhhing about writing a blog. Here I am dipping my toes and eventually my entire body into the world of blog. What is “the girl with the red satchel” going to be about then? Well, I have just moved to Barcelona to join my lovely boyfriend so we can start our lives together. This blog will document my awkward moments with grasping the language, the cool stuff I photograph and the clothes I wear. It’s a menagerie of stuff that pretty much sum up the thoughts in my head on a day-to-day basis.

I moved here last week, my first week really hasn’t been worth blogging about really. I have mainly been walking around in a trance and trying to figure out how to say “cucumber” (Pepino) and “red pepper” (still don’t know) in Spanish. I also am now an official resident of Spain and have been lucky enough to get my NIE number entitling me to work (thank you EU), when I find a job that is.

So far I have been on some pretty epic walks around the city and invested in a pair of Easy Tone trainers (I will keep you updated on the process of the firming of my bottom) and taking lots and lots of pictures on my Hipstamatic – so here is a first peak at my new life.

Hasta Luego (Until next time)

Charlie x


  1. Angela Joseph

    Well Charlotte, you come from a family of pioneers. We have never taken the easy route in life…why should we. Feeling the edge is so much more exciting. As the saying goes in Only Fools and Horses..”He who dares wins Rodders”. You go there Char.


  2. Diane Leicher

    Hi Charlotte

    Candy sent me this update. Well done I am very proud of you. This is a BIG step in your life enjoy the adventure. Let me know when you have set up your designer wear shop, I will send you some of my “Duo Flo’s” Swimwear cover-up’s for the summer range. Take care of yourself and love to Dan. lots of love Aunty Di xx:)


    1. the girl with the red satchel

      Thanks so much for your comment Aunty Di, I am absolutely loving life and am so thankful for all the wonderful comments. I would love to blog about the Duo Flo when the summer hits! I will be in touch on email. All my love to you and the familia. xxx


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